The Manipulative Desire

Question: Why do we do things that we do not want to do?

Answer: While I agree with you that superficially it seems that sometimes we do things we do not want to do, when we examine the question deeper, there is no such possibility.

We are driven by a desire for pleasures, for self-fulfillment. Our egocentric, self-serving and self-justifying software runs on a very “basic” pleasure/pain calculation. We are incapable of doing anything but what our personal computer wants us to do after making its very precise calculations based on this egocentric pleasure/pain algorithm.

But since we are all the “products of our environment” – since our values, aspirations, goals and desires come from it – the environment can “inject” us with new goals, desires we otherwise would not want.

And since our present – consumer – environment is built on artificial, unnatural goals, aspirations and values, more and more we feel as if we work for, exert for things we do not really want, we do not really need.

As a result this artificial, illusory Human bubble we have built will slowly fall apart, and gradually we will return to more normal, natural goals and aspirations.

We will return to a life where we will do things we really want to do.

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