Wanting What’s Good For Us

Question: Would life be better if you could do whatever it is you want to do and what would that be?

Answer: Your second question is the more important as it determines the answer to the first question. Whether it is good or bad if I do whatever I want depends solely on what I want.

By default, instinctively we can only want what is good for ourselves. This can be anything using the unique, personal combination of the instinctive “animate” (food, sex, family) and “social” (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires.

We already know what happens when we try using these desires and do whatever we want instinctively, as Human history chronicled it. Since our initial software forces us to accumulate everything for ourselves, to ruthlessly compete, fight for resources, survival, always succeeding at the expense of others, this instinctive paradigm gradually leads to total self-destruction like cancer.

But if we learn – through a very unique educational process – to want exactly what Natural evolution “recommends” us to want – as wise scientists wrote “making our desire as Nature’s desire” – wanting to perfect, unconditionally complement others, the whole system, always making calculations for the wellbeing of the whole collective above the instinctive selfish calculations, then our efforts will be rewarded with a qualitatively much higher, effortless existence.

Just like in the case of our biological bodies where billions of cells forfeit their personal individuality, personal sense of existence and as a result gain a much higher “full body” consciousness, perception of reality, by behaving similarly we can also gain an unprecedented, collective intelligence, higher, infinite and eternal sense of existence.

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