Being Naturally Selfish

Question: Am I being selfish if I seek for my happiness at the cost of others suffering?

Answer: Yes you are selfish, but you don’t need to feel “ashamed” about it.

We are all born with a selfish, egoistic, self-justifying nature, and as a result we are constantly seeking happiness, fulfillment at the expense of others.

This is why our world looks like, behaves as it does.

On the other hand if we finally realized that this is how we behave by default, and it is our inherent nature that causes all the problems we observe in our globally integrated, interdependent system, the time has come to make steps in order to correct, upgrade this inherent nature.

When enough people come to this realization and they all have a strong enough desire for this unique self-upgrade, then we can start our progress to a new Human reality – through the appropriate, practical educational method – where we mutually care for each other’s happiness, fulfillment above the inherently selfish calculations.

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