In A World Without Happiness

Question: How would you live in a world without happiness?

Answer: Please look around! Unfortunately right now we are living in a world that is devoid of “true happiness”.

“True happiness” is a unique, positive, collective emotional impression. This impression is the consequence of purposefully, methodically built mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human interconnections.

In order for such connections to generate “true happiness”, those building the connections have to consent to go through a complete self-annulment towards the others, only aiming at providing fulfillment and happiness to others.

Now this effort obviously need to unfold above our inherently self-serving, egoistic and subjective nature, inclination. This is why without first acknowledging the complete governance of the selfish ego over us, and the subsequent methodical rise above this ego, we have no chance of building the right connections to achieve true happiness.

This is why we need a unique, closed environment and the right, purposeful, practical method to achieve such unprecedented, fundamental self-transformation.

But if we become successful and we managed to build those unique, selfless, unconditionally serving mutual connections in between us, we will sense an incredible, never before experienced positive energy circulating in those connections, Nature’s perfect “circle of life” flowing through us towards one another!

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