Introverted Perception

Question: How do we perceive the world?

Answer: By default we perceive the world through completely subjective, egocentric filters, personal computing. As a result we see a distorted, limited reality which serves only our self-serving, self-justifying day to day survival.

This is why we seemingly exist in a dark, hostile world where we all fight for survival and resources at each other’s expense.

We can even look at perception as if we projected our own selfish, egoistic qualities on the background of a perfectly white canvas.

In order to come to a true, objective perception of reality first we need to learn how to exit our inherently egoistic, introverted spheres. Only when we start perceiving the world through the desires, thoughts, viewpoints of others – above and despite our selfish, egoistic inclination – can we see the world ‘as it is”.

Only then will we understand that we have been living in a perfect reality all along.

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