Beautiful Love

Question: Why is love so beautiful?

Answer: Love is beautiful because reality was built on “love”. Love is the only state, intention, natural process which can create, sustain and nurture life.

Of course this “beautiful love” has to be “true love”, not the usual “fish love” we consider love today. “Fish love” means that “I love fish because it tastes good”.

By default, driven by our inherently egoistic, selfish nature we “love” something if it is pleasant for ourselves, if this “love” gives us pleasures. The moment this selfish reward disappears our “love” stops.

“True love” is a completely selfless, unconditional state, sensing, taking the desires and necessities of others in order to fulfill the, to give them pleasures, happiness in the most perfect, transparent manner “as if we weren’t even there”. We do not expect any reward for providing “true love”, the best is if the loved ones don’t even know we gave them the fulfillment, the pleasures, but we can remain concealed simply serving, providing without any egoistic calculations, distortions, expectations.

This is the “beautiful love” that gives birth to something new, injecting love, a new life, new capability into others

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