Breaking Point

Question: What is everyone’s breaking point?

Answer: Our breaking point is giving up, nullifying the “self”.

We are all born with a completely self-serving, self-justifying and self-protective nature. The “sanctity” of this “inner self” overrides even our animate, physical survival reflex. We are ready to sacrifice our physical life to protect our honor, self-esteem, pride.

The “self” is the “final frontier”, the breaking point we cannot go beyond…

It is exactly for this reason that we need a very special, purposeful, educational method and the right laboratory conditions in order to break through this frontier so we can release a special, inner “Human spark” from the clutches of the egoistic self.

Only by this liberation – that is famously symbolized in the story of the Exodus from Egypt – can this special Human point be born, develop and provide us with a selfless, transparent, objective observer point that can research and attain reality ‘as it is”, in its perfect totality

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