Making Our Heart Sing

Question: Why do we avoid getting real with ourselves and discovering what would truly make our hearts sing?

Answer: We are instinctively afraid of what we find “inside”.

We suspect – although avoid to recognize – that we are all driven by an egoistic, selfish and hateful “monster” inside. Thus we collectively, shrewdly invented different methods of making ourselves believe, that “there is some good in us”, that “we can truly love, support one another”.

Only when we enter into a uniquely organized, closed environment – that creates “laboratory conditions” for us, showing a brutally honest mirror to us – can we see this “inner monster”, “evil Pharaoh” ruling over us. Then in the same environment, “laboratory” we can immediately receive the “remedy”, the “Human upgrade”, a realistic ability to rise above ourselves and start truly love and serve others unconditionally.

This is when our “heart starts to sing”.

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