Question: What is the reason you realized you’re not a good person?

Answer: In order to realize we are “not good persons” we need a brutally honest mirror that shows us our true nature.

And this mirror is a purposefully organized, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment, where we can remove all the masks, fake costumes, make up, seeing ourselves truly as we are.

Paradoxically it is specifically when we set out, fully commit ourselves to build altruistic unity, mutual guarantee – where each person only cares about the happiness, fulfillment of the others – do we realize how much we are incapable of such selfless, altruistic actions due to our inherently selfish, and hateful egos.

But this is a “happy” revelation, like when one is told the right diagnosis of a terrible disease. Only after establishing the right diagnosis can we start the treatment that guarantees full recovery, healing!

This is where I am standing now

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