Repairing Human Society Through Education

Question: What is one aspect of modern society that you believe, if removed, would make life 10x better?

Answer: It is the instinctive, natural mutual distrust, hatred, rejection in between people which prevents any true, sustainable connection, unity, mutual cooperation in between people.

It is this instinctive hatred that expresses itself through different political, economic, social, cultural, religious forms. Without removing – more precisely correcting, upgrading, overcoming – this instinctive rejection in between people no political, economic, social, religious or cultural methods, solution will work, as we have already found out.

We will just helplessly swing from one extreme to another until we completely consume each other and ourselves. We can observe how only 70–80 years after the last meltdown we are swiftly heading towards another, even greater one. Disaster, terror, Nazism can come from the left or the right, there is no difference.

It is time to focus on the root cause, revealing and correcting our own nature before we try other “solutions”.

She such monumental task – refining, upgrading ourselves against our own instincts – is only possible through a special, “integral education/upbringing” that can draw and help people without correction, through positive motivation.

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