From Virtual To “Heart-To Heart” Connection

Question: Do you think physical stores will disappear in another 100 years?

Answer: I think most physical stores will disappear much sooner than 100 years. Moreover I think by 100 years from now most physical contact in between people will also disappear judging by the trend in most “developed” countries.

On one hand this is sad for our, or older generations, but the younger generations are already more suited for virtual life.

On the other hand if we “extrapolate” the latest findings from quantum physics to “real life”, we could see that what we consider “solid, physical” is only an illusion we presently need to find our way around.

The “real world”, real consciousness is at the level of thoughts, forces. Probably by 100 years from now people have methodically learned how to consciously exist, sense reality on that “non-physical” level, making our present, very restricted, subjective coordinates of time, space, physical motion obsolete.

Thus existing in the “virtual reality” is only a transitional phase towards existence in the true, “inner reality” without physical attachments

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