Question: Were you ever over dependant on another person and gotten over it? If so how did you do it?

Answer: Being over-dependent on others – apart from being dependent on parents until adult age – is unhealthy. After a while one loses one’s self-esteem, independent thinking. Our inbuilt pride, self-promoting, self-justifying ego truly hurts and becomes shameful.

We are designed to receive from others through “trade”, by reciprocating what we receive. If we are unable to reciprocate, pay back, we start to feel very uncomfortable, restless, we can’t enjoy or even accept what we receive. If the unbalanced relationship lasts for a long time this selfish instinct might wane, but this also means we lose our sense of “self” and simply become a selfless, mindless attachment to our provider.

The solution is to find any possible way of reciprocating, finding the ‘weak/sweet” point of the provider, finding his/her purpose for supporting, providing, so I can built a mutual, more balanced relationship based on this

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