Purpose In Life – The Great Equalizer

Question: How can I compensate the fact that I was born with zero advantages in life? All of my hard work, efforts and dreams amount to nothing compared to a rich kid’s luck.

Answer: I understand your frustration, and if we measure things in the context of the values, aspirations our present society provides, you are right and apart from being frustrated there is nothing you can do.

On the other hands fortunately we do not have to accept the values, aspirations of our present society – measuring everything through monetary wealth, material possessions. These values, aspirations are false and gradually they are falling apart as our artificial “Human bubble” is sinking into a deepening and unsolvable crisis, since it is incompatible with the laws of Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent living system.

Instead we need to take on new values, aspiration that are aimed at finding our true meaning of life, searching for, revealing and fulfilling our Human role in the system of Nature. And in this respect it is completely irrelevant where we came from, what we inherited or even learned from parents, families or from our present environment.

Moving towards our Human purpose in life is the only path that can create true equality in between people. We all have our own unique, irreplaceable cogwheel role in this vast, cosmic Natural system. And as in any fully integrated, interdependent living system each cell, cogwheel is equally important as the system cannot function without any of its components.

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