Born To Be Infinitely Happy

Question: Were we all truly born to be happy?

Answer: There is an overall evolutionary purpose for the existence of reality and for our own existence in it. And this purpose if for Human beings to reach “absolute/infinite fulfillment, happiness.

Thus the answer for your question is, yes. We are all born in order to be happy. In order to reach this goal we need to learn what “true happiness” is and how we can achieve this.

We are the most unhappy, depressed, suicidal generation in Human history because we are searching “happiness” in the “wrong places”, in the “wrong way”. We think that individually, selfishly chasing and fulfilling the usual “animate” (food, sex, family) and “social” (money, power, knowledge) desires can bring us happiness.

But “true happiness” is something that is higher than these desires. True happiness is a collective emotional impression that appears within positive, selfless, unconditionally serving, mutually supportive and mutually complementing Human connections. Only in such connections can we sense the “primordial happiness”, Nature’s life giving governing force that starts circulating in such perfect Human connections as we reach similarity with this force.

When we learn how to build these connections above and despite our inherently self-serving, self-justifying and egoistic nature, we will all become truly, perfectly happy.

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