Finding Our Human Purpose

Question: Having desires will add purpose to one’s life. Is this true?

Answer: It is true that we need a desire in order to reach the purpose of our life. There is nothing, no life without a desire. Our whole “being” is comprised” of a desire, it is the desire to reach pleasures, fulfillment, happiness for ourselves.

And we can identify different goals, purposes according to different desires. Most people identify their life’s purpose with one, or a combination of desires from the usual “animate” (food, sex, family), and “social” (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) aspirations.

But if we want to reach our actual Human purpose in life, first we need to identify THE purpose Nature’s evolutionary plan assigned for us.

We do not live in a random system, where we can do whatever we want. Instead we live in a deterministic, closed Natural system that is built on “iron” natural laws, and is governed, guided by a precise, intelligent evolutionary plan.

And in this plan we have a very unique individual and collective Human role. The meaning of our life is to research and identify this role and build a true desire for reaching it. We have to make our desire to match the “desire/plan of evolution.

And when we fully adapt ourselves to Nature’s evolutionary plan and fulfill our role – through a special, purposeful and practical educational method – we come to feel the greatest possible sense of pleasure, happiness that is possible in reality as we will feel as if we ourselves designed and govern the system.

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