Love And Success Through Connections

Question: Would you rather succeed at life and fail at love, or fail at success and succeed at love?

Answer: I would not separate the two from one another. Everything depends on how you define success.

I understand that in our present Western society – where everything is measured through monetary wealth, the accumulation of material possessions, by one’s celebrity status, fame – “success” is contrary to “love” since we have to ruthlessly, exclusively compete, fight for that success that we reach at the expense of others. And this kind of success consumes even our closest relationships.

But can we consider such “success” truly success?

Even viewing it logically, factually, this “success at each other’s expense” makes us like cancer in today’s globally integrated and fully interdependent system. And the results, the worrying symptoms of this “Human cancer” already show, we are marching towards a seemingly inevitable global self-destruction.

“Success” in such an intricately interconnected world means building positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing relationships and cooperation. Without such interconnections we can’t solve problems and eventually we can’t survive in a Natural world that is fully integrated and interdependent.

And when we start building such positive interconnections – above and despite our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature – we will finally understand that even the “love” we practiced so far was egoistic and false. Only by rising above self-interest, when we can selflessly, altruistically care for another can we feel and practice “true love”.

And then we will understand that “true success” and “true love” go hand in hand. Both require building positive, selfless, unconditionally, mutually supportive and fulfilling Human relationships

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