It’s All Wrong!

Question: Is there something in your life that you have been wrong about and when you realized it, it changed your life?

Answer: Yes. I realized that I was wrong about everything.

I am not joking. After starting to study the scientific method of Kabbalah – which gradually lays bare our true, inner nature – there is a threshold when one realizes that up to that point one lived in a total illusion, a false reality that is projected by one’s original self-serving, self-justifying, egos and subjective nature.

Since all of one’s thoughts, desires, actions originate from this nature, nothing has truthful, correct foundations.

This is an important revelation because only by confronting this false reality, illusion can we start working on “upgrading” our consciousness, perception of reality. Then – through a selfless, objective viewpoint – we will become able to see reality “as it is”, truthfully, without any egoistic, subjective distortions.

And there is no greater change of life than this.

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