True Love Built Upon Unfounded Hatred

Question: Will people hate you no matter what you do?

Answer: In general yes. We are all born with an inherently selfish, egoistic, judgmental and hateful nature. We all want to place ourselves above others and since most of the time those others have something I do not have, I hate them for it, I envy them, I would like them to disappear so I could feel comfortable, whole again.

We keep ruthlessly, exclusively competing with each other, succeeding at one another’s expense. Our joy, fulfillment is not coming from what we gained, but that we gained it by defeating, subduing, humiliating others.

But there is a good news!

True love can only be built on top of true, “unfounded hatred”. When we finally realized that this above mentioned hateful nature drives us and we confront this “snake” inside us, then in the right, closed, purposeful environment – that studies, follows the appropriate, purposeful and practical educational method – we can learn how to build unity, true mutual acceptance, love above and despite the hate that never disappears.

This unique duality, the unprecedented ability to comprehend, tolerate two contrasting qualities, seeing the world “from one end to the other” makes us “truly Human”.

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