Born Selfish

Question: Does it make me selfish to think people should drop what they’re doing to talk to me?

Answer: Yes, but don’t worry, we can’t act in any other way, as we are all born 100% selfish, egocentric and subjective. We all inherently think and feel ourselves at the center of the Universe, sensing everything revolving around our all important self.

This is not evil, it’s not a sin since we were born this way. We just need to know that if we started to realize that living in a selfish, egoistic, introverted way is harmful, negative, there is a way of improving, upgrading ourselves.

Then – through this self-upgrade achieved in a unique “laboratory” – we will be able to see, perceive the world through the needs, viewpoints of others as well, and by that we will be able to compose a complete, objective picture of the world.

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