Human Upgrade

Question: Are there any technologies that have gotten progressively worse over time?

Answer: I think it depends on what we consider “worse”. In terms of the laws, principles of the Natural system we live in, we are supposed to build unity, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation in order to survive in a fully integrated and interdependent world we evolved into.

At the moment technology and everything else we build and use is pointing into the opposite direction: separating people, turning them against one another, driving, inviting us towards destructive, mutually exclusive competition. The problem is not with the technology, systems, but with the way we are using it.

It is the Human being, our own operating software that needs upgrading. It is our own “inner technology” that keeps getting worse, as our inherently egoistic, selfish, hateful and greedy nature intensifies.

Only we need a correcting upgrade through the appropriate education, upbringing. Then we will be able to use everything we have, we develop positively, for the right goals, purposes.

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