From A Physical Illusion To A True, Quantum Reality

Question: Is physical reality much deeper than our understanding of it?

Answer: It is the opposite. Our physical reality is so shallow, that it doesn’t even exist. At this stage we exist in an illusory “physical reality” that our inherently self-centered, egoistic, subjective consciousness and perception of reality paints for us.

In order to start sensing, attaining reality a it is – to its full depth, feeling ourselves in an infinite, eternal quantum, “spiritual reality” – we need to exit our inherent egocentric, introverted bubbles and perceive reality “outside of ourselves”.

And we can achieve this “supernatural” – above instinctive perception – feat here and now, by entering a special “Human laboratory”. There with the help of a committed, purposeful environment we can reach a complete self-annulment towards others.

And that will give us the ability of true, selfless, transparent and objective observation of reality.

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