Overcoming Depression

Question: Why is depression so hard to overcome?

Answer: Depression is extremely hard to overcome, because there is only one true remedy that treats depression – except perhaps to small number of truly clinical cases – curing depression at its root.

Right now depression is spreading like the greatest plague Humanity has ever seen, because we haven’t identified its root, thus we have no chance of finding and using its only remedy.

Depression arises when one losses one’s purpose in life, when tomorrow, the future looks darker than the present, thus one can’t see the point in waking up and continuing with life.

In our generation we are fast running out of the chances in finding meaning, purpose truth the usual desires of food, sex, family, with, power and knowledge. We reached the stage of Human evolution when Nature’s intelligent evolutionary plan is expecting us to search for and find our “truly Human” purpose in life, our unique Human role in the system of reality.

The only working treatment for depression is a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, that can give us the tools for identifying and fulfilling that role, thus reaching our Human purpose, justifying our existence.

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