Patiently Working For A Goal

Question: Has an advert ever resonated with you so much so that it changed your life?

Answer: There used to be a Guinness beer advert while I lived in England (maybe there still is…) that had the slogan of, “Good things come to those who wait”.

This really stuck a chord in me. This message told me that there are good things to expect from life (not only good beer), and if one is patient, and is stubborn, committed to one’s goals, then sooner or later those good things will arrive.

Of course we can’t just sit and wait passively, but we have to give our own “half a shekel”, and it helps if we do this in a purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment that inspires us, gives us positive values and the greatness of the common goal.

But if we do everything right and use the appropriate tools, those good things are guaranteed. And – at least for me – life so far has justified the message of that advert.

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