The Privacy Concerns Of The Puppet

Question: Modern human societies are most concerned with their privacy. What if there had been a system/entity in place that operates and records information with a time stamp but not measurable by our present day instruments?

Answer: What if I told you that not only there is a system that records everything with a “time stamp”, but actually everything is already “written”, and we are simply playing out our individual and collective roles in a “pre-directed”, cosmic movie?!

Everything we are worried, concerned about today is completely meaningless since we have zero free choice in our actions, our regarding the consequences of our actions.

For the same reason we have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed about, since we didn’t commit any mistakes or crimes as we are acting as “we are instructed” (Through our instincts, hormonal urges, blind actions and reactions).

Our only free choice, our Human purpose in this pre-arranged movie is to become fully aware of the script, our own predetermined role in it, and to accept and fully justify the plan and our own role they that conscious attainment.

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