Learning How To Control, Partner Nature

Question: A meteor large enough to wipe out all life on earth is on its way and we have 10 years before impact, with our current technology, what can we actually do to prevent the impact or at least minimise the damage?

Answer: There was a successful Hollywood movie called “Armageddon” about such a scenario, Bruce Willis saving the day (and humanity) using available technology with bravery and heroism. As a layman I have no better idea than that right now regarding technology.

But there might be a “non-technological” solution.

Humanity is called the “crown of evolution”, as we are the potentially most developed creatures in Nature’s vast, cosmic system. But in our present, instinctive, “humanoid” form we are still far away from our true potential.

A fully developed Humanity – becoming a single, united, mutually responsible, mutually complementing “super-organism” – utilizing an unprecedented collected intelligence, could exert absolute, benevolent power over the whole Natural Universe.

In our final, “truly Human” form we could learn how to use Nature’s awesome, at present destructive forces in a positive, constructive way – without needing any special technology. By integrating among ourselves and this seamlessly integrating into Nature we could achieve perfect balance, homeostasis across the whole intricately interconnected system.

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