The Puppet Holding The Strings

Question: Is it really possible to know your exact date of your death?

Answer: In theory, yes. We live in a fully deterministic, lawful Natural system, that is driven by a very precise, intelligent evolutionary plan that leads the whole system – including ourselves – towards a guaranteed, perfect, final state.

In this evolutionary plan every state, cause and effect process is already programmed. Each and every state, event we go through is coded into this program. But in order to actually know those steps, events we would need to study and comprehend the whole program, unveiling each and every cause and effect process for all the particles, elements that comprise the whole Universe.

With our present mind, especially with the inherently self-centered, subjective consciousness and perception of reality we are born with, this is obviously impossible. This is why we are in the belief that we have certain degree of personal freedom, that there are random, accidental events in life, this is why hope and despair exists in our imaginary Human bubble.

This is all purposeful from Nature’s evolution. If we knew for certain that everything is already determined and we have absolutely no freedom at all we would lose any desire to live, we could not tolerate a “puppet life”.

Thus life is a unique, purposeful, cosmic educational process, for Human beings to use their imaginary freedom and gradually map, learn the system until at the end we reach the “shocking” conclusion about the truth.

But by then we have learned and attained the whole system as if we ourselves created it! Moreover since by them we have also learned how to rise about our inherently self-centered, subjective consciousness and perception, the illusory notions of time, space and physical motion – that is only useful for our limited, subjective, egoistic existence – also disappear.

Thus at the moment of understanding that we had no freedom at all all along, we reach the state of infinite perfection, eternity, holding the whole Universe in our hands and we can do whatever we want with it!

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