One Big Problem To Solve

Question: What are the biggest solvable problems in modern life?

Answer: There is only one big problem, paradox that needs solving, which in turn would automatically solve all other problems.

We are suffocating, dying as a result of the paradox of living according to an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature in a Natural system that is closed, fully integrated and interdependent.

In this system our inherent nature makes us to behave like cancer, consuming everybody and everything until we self-destruct.

The vast, cosmic, Natural system obviously will not, cannot change. Thus in order to start solving our problems and survive we need to change ourselves, we need to upgrade our inherently egoistic nature with altruistic intentions.

This is actually possible to achieve in a unique, small, closed groups, “Human laboratories”, replicating Nature’s integration among people above, despite the ego, not erasing, but successfully channeling, rerouting the ego towards positive, constructive use.

Then such small, integrated “cells” can grow, merge until they encompass a minimally necessary “critical mass” in global Human society. Then this critical mass can pull, transform the rest of Humanity with it, raising all of us to a qualitatively much higher, safer, fair, peaceful and sustainable Human existence.

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