Becoming A Mind Reader

Question: Do you ever wish you could read other peoples minds or would you regret knowing what others truly think of you?

Answer: I am actually purposefully, methodically learning how to “read other people’s mind”, more precisely to make calculations, act based on the desires, thoughts, aspirations of others. Only in this way can I acquire a truly objective, multi-viewpoint perception, researching, attaining the world outside of my inherently self-centered, self-serving, egoistic, subjective viewpoint.

In theory I might encounter negative reactions, opinions about myself when I “enter” the sphere of others, but this is only a theoretical possibility.

I can’t actually enter others as long as I still have anything that concerns me, returns anything to my self. Only when I have reached a complete self-annulment towards others, when my intention is only to explore and serve their desires, thoughts without any selfish, egoistic distortions, calculation can I enter their spheres.

The filter allowing my to “read the minds of others” filters out my egoistic self 100%!

Through the newly acquired selfless, altruistic intention it is impossible to reveal anything negative related to me, since the “me” does not exist any longer, only “they” exist, and “I” exist in them, for them!

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