Seeking Happiness

Question: Why won’t people seek happiness when they know they are miserable?

Answer: Because we do not know where to seek it. What we already know is that we can’t find happiness alone, we can’t find true, sustainable happiness by chasing fulfillment for the usual instinctive and social desires of food, sex, family, wealth, power/fame, and knowledge.

True happiness is very different from how we imagined it so far. True happiness is a positive, collective emotional impression as a result of purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human connections, when the unprecedented, perfect circulation, communication, homeostasis within the network of such connection is decoded, registered as “perfect happiness” in us.

“True happiness” is not personal, not ours, in that perfectly, mutually interconnected state the circulating, life-giving force of Nature flows through us. We can say that we sense the primordial “happiness” that exists in nature’s perfect system when balance, homeostasis is maintained, re-established.

And since those selfless, unconditionally loving, giving connections are against our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, introverted nature, we need to purposefully, methodically learn how to be happy.

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