Being Grateful

Question: What is one thing you do daily to practice gratitude?

Answer: Gratitude requires something one can be grateful for.

One obvious reason to be grateful for is when one achieves a true, tangible, “verified” connection to the single operating “force-field” that governs our Natural system, a connection to the force-field that gave us life and still keeps us existing.

Since such a “life-force”, circulation can be felt only through a network of connections, through which this natural force can stream through, I “practice” a unique, practical method that can help us build such selfless, transparent, objective interconnections with one another, where the connection in between us becomes a clean pipeline network/sensory instrument (“Soul”) that senses Nature’s life-force flowing through.

And we verify this sensation against our inherently egoistic, hateful, subjective nature as contrasting background, above which we build our connections with the help of the method.

Then this very sharp, contrasting, verified sense of Nature’s circulation awakens irrepressible gratitude, as only this sense gives us the sense of life and justifies our Human existence.

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