Accessing True Knowledge

Question: Are we losing knowledge and information faster than we create it?

Answer: I would rather say that we are fast realizing, that we never had any real knowledge, information in the first place, and even the insane amount of fake news, accessible “data” we are producing cannot suppress this shocking revelation.

Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, introverted nature gives us a very limited, false, subjective perception of reality. We filter everything according to a strictly egocentric “”pleasure/pain” calculation, thus we access and compute a very small, distorted morsel of true, complete reality.

The present, constantly deepening, unsolvable global crisis – that affects all levels of our lives – signals the end of the process of building, perpetuating our artificial Human bubble. Natural evolution now demands us to start rising above our egoistic, subjective limitations and access reality through a new, selfless, objective perception, consciousness. Without this new outlook we won’t be able to solve our problems and survive.

Acquiring true knowledge, information starts only from that point of view when the observer changes, upgrades itself.

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