The Life-Changing Workshop

Question: What was your most influential personal experience that changed the way you interact with other people and what has changed for you?

Answer: It was and still is the unique “workshop”, when a few (8–10) people sit around a table, discussing different topics according to special conditions, rules.

These conditions, rules guide, channel them to start listening to one another, and absorb each other’s opinion instead of focusing on and promoting their own.

As a result, the more they can “disappear” in the gradually formed mutual opinion the more they build something completely new, something that did not exist in any of them beforehand.

Such a workshop is like a window, “wormhole” giving people the opportunity to look inside a perfect reality, field of solutions, blueprint that is undistorted by the inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective point of view.

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