Collective Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Question: Have you experienced life change by applying neuro-linguistic programming?

Answer: Yes, very much so!

Although the NLP I am participating in is a little bit different from the usual method. It does not try to access our individual subconscious, but it taps into a unique, collective subconscious which provides a gateway to a completely different consciousness, perception of reality.

This method does not concern itself improving our life “in this world” that much, it provides an opportunity to rise to a qualitatively higher level of existence. At the same time – as “positive side effect” – our simple material life also improves but that is not the point…

The point is to tap into that collective subconscious where anything personal, individual disappears. In that state we are not in our own “software” anymore, but we gained access to Nature’s primordial, all-encompassing software.

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