Highest Virtue: Connection Above All

Question: What are the highest virtues in life and what is your argument for them?

Answer: The highest virtue in life is the ability to connect to others in an unconditional, mutually supportive, mutually complementing way – above individual differences and despite instinctive distrust and mutual rejection.

This is such a high and unique virtue that we actually do not have it in us by default. Although now we started to see that in order to survive in a globally integrated and interdependent world we urgently need such a virtue, we are unable to “conjure” it even if our life depends on it.

Thus we have to purposefully, methodically gain access to nature’s single evolutionary force in order to consciously request an upgrade, giving us this “supernatural” – above the instinctively selfish, egoistic, subjective nature – capability for unity and connection.

It is actually in evolution’s intelligent plan that Human’s have to request this “upgrade” freely, by their own recognition. This way we integrate into Nature’s system by our own volition, separating us from the rest of the system that was born into a blind, instinctive, unconscious integration, mutual cooperation with the system.

This will give us an unprecedented insight, attainment of the whole system, making us as partners with it.

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