Defining Politics

Question: How do you define politics?

Answer: Politics and economics are very special indicators, diagnostic symptoms of the actual society. They represent the state of the human interconnections in that society.

Due to the “purely Human element” of politics it gives us a more less complicated, precise, sharper diagnosis of who we are, how we behave.

Politics, the behavior of politicians gives us an accentuated view, “caricature” of ourselves. We are all born with an inherently selfish, egocentric, greedy nature, but those who make it to the top of the “Human pyramid” are the most selfish, egoistic people among us.

So when we look at the politicians we are actually looking at ourselves in the mirror in a slightly aggravated form. Thus there is no point in hating the politicians – as there is not much point in hoping that by changing others there will be true, meaningful changes.

If we want to change how they behave, how they lead us, first we have to change our societies by changing ourselves through the right, purposeful and practical education.

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