The Meaning Of Love

Question: Does the word love still have meaning?

Answer: The word “love” has many meanings, the question is whether we know the right meaning of “true love”.

The “love”we keep talking, singing, dreaming about is selfish, it’s called “fish love” as we love when it tastes good for us.

We can’t live – according to our inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective nature – unless we receive pleasure as a result.

True love is an environment state where the “self” disappears, and the lover dissolves into the desires, needs, viewpoint of the beloved existing only in order to fulfill those desires, needs according to the viewpoint of the beloved.

This true love is not instinctive, it’s against our original “operating software” thus we have to learn, practice it in the right environment with the right, purposeful educational method.

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