Purposeful Struggle

Question: What is the point of enduring all the struggles and suffering of life, when life ends quite fast and it’ll be all for nothing? Answer: You are completely right, and our life is and will remain pointless unless we start studying what the meaning of life is, what the overall Human purpose is that … More Purposeful Struggle

World At Crossroads

Question: How will the people in 2100 look at us? Answer: It depends on us doesn’t it? This is where our free choice is found. If we continue our lives according to our present, instinctive, fully egoistic, hateful and greedy paradigm, there will either be no people left in 2100, or they will probably be … More World At Crossroads

“Evil” Nature

Question: How come people who hurt others very badly live a happy life? Answer: I am sorry if I sound rude or provocative, but we are all born with such an inherently egoistic and hateful nature, which causes the we actually receive pleasure from hurting others, from succeeding at the expense of others. I understand … More “Evil” Nature

Judgmental Nature

Question: Why is it that everybody just always second guesses you all the time? Why is it that everybody assumes that you can never change or at least one ever tries? Why does everybody think that someone’s past is always their destiny? Answer: First of all we all view life in a completely egocentric, subjective, … More Judgmental Nature

Deep Concern

Question: What is deeply concerning to you, but doesn’t seem to bother others? Answer: The state of the world, the state of Humanity deeply concerns me. I am sure it also concerns many others, but still not to the extent to actually do something about it. And even if we finally try doing something about … More Deep Concern