Deep Concern

Question: What is deeply concerning to you, but doesn’t seem to bother others?

Answer: The state of the world, the state of Humanity deeply concerns me. I am sure it also concerns many others, but still not to the extent to actually do something about it. And even if we finally try doing something about it only very few people seem to understand what it is that we have to do.

We still try to change the world with political, economic, social or military means. But there is only one thing that is wrong about the world: the state of the interconnections in between people.

Due to our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature we try succeeding at the expense of others, we rise by trampling on the others. Instead of connecting and working mutually together in order to solve our mounting, global problems we distrust and reject each other.

And this is true to all of us without exception. Thus saving, changing the world means changing ourselves, our mutual relationships first. And since this self-change needs to unfold against our inherent nature we need a unique, purposeful educational method.

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