Aspiration Instead Of Suffering

Question: Do we strive to end suffering? Or do we just want to master control of it?

Answer: This is a very important question. Suffering, pain is the strongest motivator for growth, progress, development.

Our operating software is written on a “simple” egocentric pleasure/pain principle. We are running towards ever greater pleasures while running away from real or expected pain. When we are satisfied, when our necessities are all fulfilled we tend to rest, stop, we can’t move like after a good meal or sex.

But we never stop until the pain source, threat is eliminated.

Thus without suffering we would stop progressing, developing, we would become too comfortable, lenient and then even greater pain, suffering will start threatening us like today in our “too comfortable, cosy” modern Western society.

But we do not necessarily have to rely on physical suffering, crisis situations, constant existential threat to feel “hungry, needy”, rushing forward. We can build for ourselves a positive pulling force, a constantly increasing, almost but still not achieved ultimate prize that does not let us rest.

And evolution prepared such an ultimate prize for us, our unique, individual and collective Human purpose in Nature’s vast, cosmic system, which purpose can truly make us the “crown of evolution”. So we need to reveal and follow evolution’s predetermined, intelligent plan for us and then we can progress always a “step ahead” of physical suffering, hardship, pulled by the enticing “jackpot” from ahead.

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