We Deserve Better

Question: How can you make yourself believe that you deserve better?

Answer: We can’t convince ourselves. We need the right environment to convince us.

We all deserve better. We have the potential to become “truly Human” beings and instead we reduced ourselves to mindless consumer robots, chasing and purchasing whatever is prompted by the adverts, media and entertainment industry around us.

We mindlessly follow the politically correct dogma trying to “clean” us from our individual, national identities in order to create a “sheepish”, easy to control mass of “humanoids” that “want” and buy want is put in front of them.

We deserve to become Human beings again, full of diverse, conflicting and unsuppressed emotions, full of different unmitigated qualities, capable of vibrant interconnections, building something beautiful and sustainable together on top of our differences, against our instinctive tendencies of distrusting, rejecting one another, using the tensions, differences for our advantage.

We have to build such environments where we can convince each other that indeed we deserve much better, we deserve to explore to its full depth what it means to become Humans, to love, to build, to nurture, to exist not through material goods, empty, inflated pleasures, but to exist through the positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections with one another.

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