“Evil” Nature

Question: How come people who hurt others very badly live a happy life?

Answer: I am sorry if I sound rude or provocative, but we are all born with such an inherently egoistic and hateful nature, which causes the we actually receive pleasure from hurting others, from succeeding at the expense of others.

I understand that most people haven’t consciously recognized such tendencies, traits in themselves yet, as most of the time we see “evil” only in others. And I do not want to convince people about “my right”, but this is simply how true, empirical scientists – who studied Nature in general and also “mapped” human nature – concluded through their research. And I am quite certain material psychology also came to similar conclusions.

This inherently egoistic and hateful nature is not “evil” or “sinful”, since we never had any free choice about it. We are born with this default software. Fortunately we are also born with a unique Human mind that is capable of critical self-assessment, and is capable of initiating positive changes.

In order to diagnose this inherently egoistic and hateful nature in us sooner, more effectively, and to immediately start applying the appropriate, useful correction, upgrade on it, we need to enter a unique “human laboratory”, a closed environment where through specific exercises, mutual activities our true, inherent Human nature is provoked and revealed. Then the necessary, suitable upgrade can be applied through the committed mutual connections at the same time.

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