The Happy, Useful Cogwheel

Question: How do I really find out what career path will make me the happiest? Moreover, how can I find what truly makes me happy other than being with my family?

Answer: As you know we do not exist in isolation. We are social creatures who are intricately connected to each other. If it was not completely clear before, today we feel it “on our skins” what it means to live in a fully integrated, interdependent world.

Thus when we choose a career, profession we can’t choose it solely based on our own needs, desires. We can get the best possible certificates, diplomas but it will be useless if the environment, society I live in does not need what I can offer.

Thus we have to rebuild, reorganize our societies in a way that people who go through education are already guided, channeled towards career pathways that suits their own personal capabilities, talents, desires but also fit the needs, requirements of the society so at the end a sustainable mutual benefit is established in between the person and the society.

Similarly happiness is not a personal notion, emotion. True happiness is a collective, mutual emotional impression that is the result of positive, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human relationships.

So both a happy career and happiness in general depends on the environments, societies we build for ourselves. After all today the whole world is a single family.

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