The Worm In The Bitter Radish

Question: What is your aspect in life?

Answer: My present aspect is lopsided, because I am stuck into an inherently selfish, egocentric and subjective point of view. And from this aspect the world looks broken, hostile, heading towards self-destruction.

But wise people are telling me, that the world is not like that at all. The “real world” is perfect like a “Garden of Eden”.

But if I want to see it that way I would need to change my viewpoint, my aspect in life from the instinctive “only for the sake of myself” mode to a newly acquired “only for the sake of others” mode. Then I could exit the inherent, dark, egoistic cocoon, perceiving a perfect reality through the viewpoints of others.

By that I could become like a “worm” that pokes its head out of the “bitter radish” it had lived in all its life, seeing what a beautiful world exists outside of that selfish, subjective “bitter radish”.

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