Lifetime Happiness

Question: What do you need for lifetime happiness?

Answer: It is a very good question, moreover we can immediately ask, “what is ‘lifetime’ and what is ‘happiness’”?

Is “lifetime” this 70–90 years of physical existence, and “happiness” is when we fulfill ourselves with all the physical, material and “spiritual” pleasures this life offers?

Or perhaps we can “extend”, upgrade this “lifetime” and acquire completely different, qualitatively much higher happiness?

Wise empirical scientists – who studied and attain Nature’s perfect system in its totality, entering it, probing it from within – claim, that through the right, purposeful method we can enter a different, much deeper dimension of consciousness and perception of reality here and now.

They say that by exiting our inherently self-serving, egoistic and subjective life, viewpoint we can start sensing a life that is beyond the subjective limitations of time, place, physical life or death, and we can sample, taste infinite and eternal pleasures without any shame.

Even in “this world” our greatest, longest lasting pleasures are born from within positive Human interconnections. But when we use these connections to completely annul our selves, and enter each other, when we learn how to sense existence through the desires, thoughts and viewpoint of one another, than we can enter that “other dimension” and enjoy “lifetime happiness” forever.

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