Good Immortality

Question: Do you believe that immortality would be good for humanity? Why?

Answer: Perhaps it is easier to approach the question if we first examine what is “not good for Humanity”, what is the root of all of our Human problems?

We are all born inherently selfish, egoistic, greedy and hateful. This inherent nature presents openly very differently in us, more obvious in some and much less, almost invisible in others. Nevertheless our inner nature is the same. We cannot make calculations for anybody else but ourselves, we cannot make efforts for anything else but self-reward.

Thus we are stuck in this “seemingly” real, tangible, physical reality we can perceive with our five physical senses and we are striving for immortality in this world, trying to prolong our own physical existence.

Unique, wise empirical scientists – who studied reality by making themselves similar to Nature’s system, thus acquiring the capability to integrate into the system and study it from within, revealing all the cause and effect processes and the whole plan of evolution – tell us that the “real” world – outside of our present, distorted and subjective viewpoint – works on very different qualities, laws than our Human paradigm.

The real world is infinite and eternal as there is no egoistic, subjective distortion there, there is no need for the subjective coordinates of time, space and motion constantly defining our egocentric relation to expected pleasures or feared pain.

They also tell us that we can achieve true immortality, gaining a timeless, space-less consciousness and perception by liberating ourselves from our instinctive egos. And when we do so the true immortality will be good for Humanity since we won’t want immortality for ourselves, for egoistic fulfillment, self-justification, but we will want it in order to complement the perfection of the whole system, justifying its evolutionary plan.

Then we will merit a perfect, infinite life not lived for our own sake.

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