Living A Good Life

Question: If we want to live a good life, what principles/knowledge should we know, or you suggest that we should know?

Answer: In order to live a “good life” the most important principle we need to know is that – contrary to what our proudly individualistic nature tells us – we are not individual, isolated creatures. We are all fully integrated and interdependent cells, organs of the same Human Body.

“Globalization” – finding ourselves in this interconnected, interdependent world – is not something man-made. It is an evolutionary necessity, so we finally, gradually understand that without a full, proactive, conscious integration we can’t solve problems and we won’t be able to survive.

Since we have to build this integration above, against our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful tendencies, we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, that can help us rise above ourselves through positive motivation, using free choice.

Then the special contrast gained in between selfish, egoistic separation, rejection and the acquired selfless, altruistic unity will give us the total, perfect attainment of reality with all of its true, natural laws, blueprints.

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