Finding Our Perfect Role In The System

Question: Can an inept person live a happy life?

Answer: What is an “inept” person? In relation to what do we measure this “ineptness”?

We are not “standalone”, individual creatures as our inherently selfish, egoistic ego tries to tell us. We are all individual cells, cogwheels in a vast, cosmic living organism, or sentient machinery.

We are all born with unique, individual qualities that have useful role, purpose in this system. Nature is perfect there is no accident, surplus in it, everything – all the seemingly positive and negative qualities, characteristics have their place. But while all the inanimate, vegetative and animate elements find their place instinctively, being born already integrated into the system, Human beings are seemingly born “outside of the system”.

We are supposed to consciously, proactively find our own cogwheel role, purpose in order to maintain and increase our awareness, full knowledge of the system and its overall, evolutionary plan.

How can we do that?

Through small, specifically organized and purposefully, methodically operated Human environments, where through the right, practical educational method we start “play-acting”, simulating Nature’s perfect system in between us until each member of the environment find their perfect, complementary role. Then from such smaller, perfectly tuned cells, “organs” we can assemble the complete system of Humanity where everybody finds their own perfect cogwheel role.

Then we will see that such thing as “ineptness”, “uselessness” does not exist, each cogwheel is crucially necessary for the overall Natural perfection.

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