“Best” Intentions Leading To…

Question: What’s something someone has told you that made you feel horrible about yourself?

Answer: I think the greatest shock is when we try helping someone, trying supporting someone with seemingly the best intentions, but then it turns into a disaster and we receive the blame for interfering, even if the other actually asked for help, support beforehand.

This happened to me many times in my life, and of course instinctively I blamed the others for being ungrateful, terrible, self-obsessed…

But then I started to learn about myself through a unique scientific method that gives us the opportunity to look into ourselves as if a special x-ray or MRI was applied that could show us our true intentions. And here I started to see that even when I think I have a positive, helpful intention towards others, at the bottom of it it is still egoistic, self-serving. This is an absolute given because inherently we cannot act, calculate for anybody else’s sake but for ourselves.

This is why our “best intentions” turn out to be harmful, since as long as we did not exit our inherently self-serving, self-justifying cocoons we do not have the ability to gauge the true need, desire, necessities of others, thus we can’t really help them in anything.

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