Purpose Providing Optimism

Question: What keeps you optimistic in the worst of times?

Answer: The thing that keeps me optimistic even in the worst times is that I know for certain, that we all exist in a predetermined, purposeful, Natural system. In this system every event, action, state – from the seemingly worst to the seemingly best – serves the same purpose, pushing our pulling us towards our final, most optimal state, goal.

If we can study this system, if we understand its final purpose and the plan leading to it – which plan also contains, described our own unique Human role in the system – then we don’t look at anything that happens to us from a self-centered, subjective point of view. We don’t describe anything as “sweet or bitter” from this egoistic viewpoint.

Instead we see everything as purposeful, necessary to take us to that final, perfect state. Moreover we learn how to navigate through the infective steps, advising unnecessary suffering

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