“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!”

Question: Why am I not satisfied with what I have, and should I be satisfied even though I don’t really have anything?

Answer: I don’t think it is possible to get satisfied if we don’t have anything. Our basic “matter”, the fuel that drives us is an insatiable desire for pleasures for ourselves.

If I can’t fulfill what this desire exactly wants – even if seemingly I have much possessions – I will always feel dissatisfied.

And here we have a deeper problem. Although we always want something, we are constantly searching for newer, greater, tastier, juicier pleasures, we are not yearning for what we should be yearning for.

We exist in a perfect Natural reality that is full of pleasures we can’t even imagine. But we don’t know about these pleasures and we have no chance of obtaining these pleasures as our internally way of existence, the instinctive way we fulfill ourselves is incompatible with the pleasures the system offers.

Thus in order to reach perfect satisfaction, perfect, infinite fulfillment we need to change ourselves. We need to study the Natural system we exist in, what it has to offer, and we need to develop a new desire and a new way of fulfilling ourselves in order to obtain those unbelievable, perfect pleasures the system offers.

As wise sages – original, empirical, natural scientists – put it, “we have to make our desires like the “desire”/predetermined plan of Nature’s evolution”. Then this desire will be perfectly satisfied.

This is our Human purpose in life.

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